Dotzot Courier Tracking

DotZot Courier Tracking is a complete part of the DTDC group of companies that have built one of India’s largest delivery channels, accompanied by a great International port. 

And by this immense system, over 50,000 employees and are partners, DotZot always guides on the e-retail section. 

Moreover, they want to across its destination in the exact situation customer send it. So, to save this, we always use high-grade quality materials for the courier. And, think power, durability when they select the wrapping supplies.

Dotzot courier tracking Background

DotZot is completely focused on assuring that each Indian grows a part of the e-commerce part. And they are always trying to improve their e-retail delivery practice by concentrating on designs, technology and processes.

Moreover, they always take care of fulfilment, transport and other things. They also offer reverse logistics and drop freight services.  

Most importantly, they are the first to build a unique connection with home delivery and store pickup and return services, And this improves the consumer experience and reasons charges.

Services: –

DotZot always recognises all the customers with various requirements and They give services to accommodate them. And, dotzot always makes sure that they deliver the most high-grade customer experience at a magnificent rate. 

Premium Service

DotZot provides premium services, and they always deliver in the next business in all metros. And it will take 2 to 3 days to deliver pan India. But, this is only available for prepaid packages.

The maximum weight per parcel in premium services is 10kg. Except for national holidays, their delivery dates are Monday to Saturday.

Express Service

In this service, DotZot delivers across 9900+ pin codes which are spread over 2300 locations. And they do 3 delivery attempts without any surcharge.

Furthermore, the maximum weight per parcel in this delivery is 32 kg. They deliver 6 working days in the week but except for national holidays. 


This is one of the main services DotZot offers, and across 9900+ pin codes increased over the 2300 locations. And, Firstly the minimum weight per parcel for this service is 10kg, and the maximum weight per parcel is 68 kg. Moreover, Except for the national holidays, they deliver all 6 days working “Monday to Saturday.”

Dotzot Courier Tracking History

DotZot was established in 2012 with a great vision to build a pan India delivery network that focused particularly on the e-retail shipping achievement.

They start their services with a range of 7500 pin codes across all over India. And, most importantly, it became the first e-retail express firm to extend its reach to all 7 NE states in India. 

Moreover, they launch DotZot plus by having the perfect next-day express support across the main cities. Furthermore, it expands its coverage to 10,000 pin codes in India. 

How to Track Dotzot courier tracking?

You can readily trace the Dotzot courier tracking shipping state online by touring the courier tracking tool. Besides, you can reach your pro tracking number to understand and trace the operational status of the courier.

  • Visit their official website.
  • Look at the header section.
  • Click on the track your parcel option.
  • Type your PRO number, order number, reference number, and see your shipping process.

Customer Care Numbers


WebsitePhone Number 33004444


Can I send fragile things?

Yes, but glass antiques and crockery objects are prohibited from all premium cover and are sent at your risk.

Can I tie packages collectively?

No. All packages need to be shipped and identified individually.

How to trace my order?

You will be given a booking reference number or AWB number at the time of booking the order. Enter your tracking number in the form on top of this page.

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