GLS Tracking

GLS Tracking is one of the best networks connecting local market presence- combing the local subsidiaries, flexible and close the clients.

They offer you parcel, logistics and the express services completely Europe and the US and Canada. Most importantly, their high-quality delivery settings are fully dedicated to the companies and the individuals, having our main concern on the B2B and B2C sectors equally.

GLS Tracking Background

GLS Tracking is fully aware of its environmental responsibilities towards society. Therefore, GLS always maintain their quality and their environment too. Most important, GLS forms a great network of amazing 41 countries fully connected with contractual agreements.

Firstly, GLS runs about 70 great national and regional centres and 1,500 stations and agencies. Secondly, GLS has a huge number of long-distance distances, 31,000, and for long-distance, they have 4,000 trucks on the road. In the fiscal year 2020-21 they transported 840 million parcels, which are a huge number in tracking firms.

Services: –

For GLS, Europe is popular as the hometown for its services. Still, they extended their services globally by its subsidiaries for the most maximum of the nations.
The best remaining ones are their reliable partners and get services too.

Most important, with their customer help, they get amazing benefits and cross delivering the best services to their clients. They always make sure that they give smooth cross border express and have full protection on each parcel.

Parcel Delivery

Parcel delivery within outlined standard shipment times is the powerful point of GLS. Domestic parcels normally reach their address in less than 24 hours. In Europe, delivery times are frequently within 24 and 96 hours.


GLS tracking has different Freight Shipping networks in the countries like Belgium, the Netherlands and North America. And they also offer special services for the goods that have different sizes, weights, or some emergency for handling them. 


For GLS Express have speed and punctuality are on their priorities national or Europe wide.
Countries like Denmark, Italy, Germany, and all of North America offer numerous express options.

GLS Tracking History:- 

In early, 1989 build this national parcel service provider in the heart of Germany. And, furthermore, the german parcel was born, and it was started the unique story of GLS tracking. And, in 1992 general parcel, well the European franchise system was established.

Moreover, in 1999, GLS connection was completely established within acquisitions and companies’ starting in various countries.

In addition, in 2003, they give introduction of a consistent process to maintain the quality system and further network development. And, furthermore early, in 2016-2020, they just focused on the geographical extend in North America, investment in network base.

How to Track GLS Tracking?

You can easily trace GLS shipping status online by revisiting the carrier tracking tool. Besides, you can reach your pro tracking number above to follow and track the operational status of the transport.

  • Visit their official website.
  • Look at the menu bar in the footer section.
  • Click on the parcel tracking option.
  • Type your parcel number to get to know the status.

Customer Care Number

Phone Number
Email Address



Will I be provided with a receipt for online booking?.

Yes, you will be assigned a unique ID/parcel number. Use that to track and trace the consignment.

How can I locate parcel stores or depo near me?

On the country-specific GLS tracking site, move to the ‘Search ParcelShops & Depots’ link.

How long does it need to deliver?

It depends on the service taken. For example, express parcels are delivered within 1 business day within the nation.

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