MSC Container Tracking

Package Tracking’s online automatic tracking system will track the MSC Container tracking online. Besides, you can review the position of your parcel online rather than calling their customer care center.

 Background of MSC Container Tracking

Considering the background of this company which was founded in 1970. It has had its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, from 1978, 8 years later for establishment. The Aponte family drives the msc container tracking. Therefore, it is a privately owned organization.
Earlier, it was only a one vessel operator, but it is presently a reputed business at the global level. It has more than 1L staff working with it.


The services of msc container tracking are integrated through the global network through various business partners. Therefore, such a network assures greater coverage across the seas, roads, rails, transport resources, etc. And with the equipped local partners, the precision & accuracy remains higher. 

Amongst the multiple services, some of them are-

European short sea network

With decades of experience in moving/transporting freight across the European continent. Thus, providing safer, reliable, trustworthy, affordable shipping services. Enabling business for all kinds of benefits from these services.

Trade services 

Expert knowledge is the spine of our trade services providing the specific geographics for the convenient market trade. 

Dry Cargo  

One of the common services to do safer and assured shipment irrespective of container cargo. 

Project cargo

Services especially for cargo shipments, irrespective of matter or size. Manges cargo effectively and performs the shipment to the desired destination.

Cargo trailers

With the diversifying customer’s needs, msc has also diversified themselves with tailor-made services for cargo shipments with any destination and cargo type.

Cross tradings

The local cross-trade teams in other countries enable the safer and accurate shipment of cargo for our customers without causing any discomfort to them. 

 customs clearance

Especially dedicated service for clearing all of the regulations & formalities to proceed the shipments across international borders. So, customers can get their shipments down with no delays because of customs. 

History of MSC Container Tracking

It was established in 1970 and presently serves as the leading service for shipments and logistics. Equipped with the expense network and the e-platform abs solutions to enhance the ease of accessing and tracking the shipments for customers.

MSC stands for Mediterranean Shipping Company. It is a type of business at the global level that offers logistics and shipping services. The network is widespread in 155 countries. It conveniently facilitates international trade amongst the greater economies by connecting them to the emerging markets located on various continents through their services.

How to Track MSC Container Tracking?

Using the express searching tool, you can track MSC Container Tracking status online. Moreover, you can check your AWB tracking number and track the status of your transport.

  1. Firstly, visit their official website.

  2. Secondly, look at the header section of the home page.

  3. Thirdly, check the option of “Track a shipment.”

  4. Similarly, enter your AWB number after that to learn the status of your package.


WebsitePhone NumberEmailsAddress 153646300NAMSC – Mediterranean Shipping Company France S.A.S.
23, Avenue De Neuilly
FR – 75116 PARIS


Does the msc container tracking provide international shipments?

Yes, it provides shipments across various countries. They cover 155 countries, and the rest are in the process of expansion.

Is it possible to track the shipment?

Yes, through various digital-based solutions, cutlers can track their orders. 

Can one access the services online?

Yes, at “request a quote,” one can generate their order.

Is it possible to search the possible schedules?

Yes, at “search a schedule,” one can search for the available slots.

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