Roadrunner Freight Tracking

Roadrunner Freight Tracking always offer you a high-quality LTL service to the shippers in main metros over the US. They have their culture like “Ship it Lie you Own it”, which signifies that they always treat all shipments as important cargo.

Most importantly, their network is completely different from the basic shipment methods. Moreover, they make sure their customers get proper benefits from both network models.

Roadrunner Freight Tracking Background

Roadrunner Freight group is located in Downers Grove. However, they have nearly 1,000+ team members and have across 21 services centres in all metro cities.

Moreover, they have a really strong connection with other carriers and third-party logistics firms to give Roadrunner Freight’s customers to reach all major metro areas in the US.

Furthermore, they provide both the EDI and API connectivity to ensure the shippers and agents. Customers stay updated with real-time notifications by transmitting all information to your operating systems.

Services: –

Roadrunner Freight handles your goods as if it is our own, from quote to shipment. And, most important their comprehensive network provides high-quality LTL shipping assistance for freight of all forms and sizes.

Firstly, within their long haul paths beyond the country, local internal paths and next day transfer in major metros, Roadrunner Freight’s responsibility remain the same – to deliver your LTL freight on time, whole and damage-free.


Carry your freight from coast-to-coast with Roadrunner Freight’s long haul LTL assistance. Moreover, with 21 brick and mortar assistance centres and 115+ partner carriers, Roadrunner Freight paths give inbound and outbound service to all major metros of the US.

Regional Lanes 

Roadrunner Freight ambitious regional lanes contribute 1-3 day conveyance points for your regional LTL needs. Furthermore, with 21 brick and mortar locations, they allow numerous lanes to keep your freight rolling to where it requires it to be!

Pick Up Today, Address Tomorrow

 Roadrunner Freight’s next day* LTL co-operations in the 21 major metros inundating our service centres. Furthermore, your cargo will be addressed the next day when you register a pickup within our next day delivery radius. 

Roadrunner Freight Tracking History:- 

Roadrunner services were established in the year 1984. Most important, over 800+ dependable independent entrepreneurs rule their LTL services. With 21 bricks and mortar services centres and furthermore over 150+ pickups and shipment partners their network to deliver in all major cities of the U.S

How to Track Roadrunner Freight Tracking?

You can easily trace  Roadrunner Freight shipping status online by visiting the express tracking tool. Moreover, you can trace your pro tracking number above to follow and track the operational status of the transport.

  • Visit their official website.
  • Look at the menu bar on the homepage.
  • Click on the “track a shipment” option.
  • Type your parcel number to get to know the status.

Customer Care Number

WebsitePhone Number
Email Address
Address 615-1500
1431 Opus Place, Ste 530
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515


Do I require a user account or log-in to track the cargo?

No need to have login details to trace your consignment. You can enter BOL, PRO, PO or pickup numbers to track your shipping.

Is there any message on weather delays?

Yes, you can get a message on the weather delays on their webpage.

How do I communicate customer assistance?

You can write to their client assistance at

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