SDA Tracking

All Package Tracking’s online automated tracking system will track the SDA tracking online. Additionally, you can check the status of your parcel online rather than calling their customer care center or visiting their office.

Background of SDA Tracking

The company is quite potent enough to analyze the personal and professional needs of the customers. It offers services that are reliable, accurate and through online platforms. Moreover, it has been investing in information technology, logistics solutions, and digital advancements. And it improving the services at the pace of a changing world.


Express services 

 This service section covers all kinds of express deliveries. The company’s extensive network is involved in making the express deliveries down at their respective address as per the required time. 

Air cargo services

 all kinds of cargo that need to be done via air shipments are covered under this section. 

Container services

As a container service provider, it would cover shipments for customers using a variety of container sizes as per their preference.

Courier services

 The courier services are one of the most appreciated services for a long time. This section addresses all kinds of courier deliveries to the customers. 

History of SDA Tracking

Chairman Massimo Rosini founded the company in 1984 in Italy. Since then, the company has worked hard to improve its services and achieve its mission.

The array of services provided by the company makes it easier for the company to provide the shipments solutions as per the customers’ requirements. And SDA Tracking is with the expansion of the network, the global reach is at more than 200 nations. The company team has also increased with 4000+ members.

How to Track SDA Tracking?

Using the express tracking tool, you can effortlessly track SDA Tracking status online. Moreover, you can check your pro tracking number and track the status of your transport.

  1. Firstly, visit their official website.

  2. Secondly, look at the header

  3. Thirdly, check the option of “Track and Trace.”

  4. Furthermore, enter your tracking number after that to learn the status of your package


WebsiteAddressEmailPhone Number NA +39 199 113366


Do they deliver shipments on Saturdays?

The Saturdays deliveries are extra-paid, which is added with the shipment price. This is usually for the home deliveries excusing the working days.

 Are the services of sda tracking reliable?

The company has been well-reputed since 1984, and the services are also impressive. And as the quality and the advancement of the services are concerned the services are quite reliable.

 Can one connect to the support in case of shipment queries?

There is a tracking facility provided to the customers on the website’s dedicated page. In case still the customer is unable to track the shipment or connect to the live location of shipment, in that case, they can connect to the support at the website.

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